Discipleship Minute: Promise #4

Read Colossians 1:15-17, Psalm 103:15-19, Matthew 6:25-34As we have seen through our look at Genesis, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob tried “Plan B” many times instead of relying on God’s faithful promise and provision. But before we think we’ve done better, let’s remind ourselves that we have those same promises and provision and still attempt to … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Promise #4

Discipleship Minute: Promise #4

Read Genesis 26:7-11, 29:31-35, 32:24-32The Biblical record is full of people who are faithful. The Biblical record is also full of people who are not always faithful. After Abraham’s death, his son and grandsons continued with his example, in both faithful and unfaithful ways. In today’s passage, three distinct examples illustrate this. Isaac had settled … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Promise #4

Discipleship Minute: Chaos #4

Read Genesis 10:32-11:9, Isaiah 65:1-2.Pride comes before a fall, as the proverb writer said. There is a good version of pride that comes from doing a job well. However, our sinful nature makes us believe that the world revolves around us. The desire to worship one’s self and accomplishments brings consequences. After the Flood, humanity … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Chaos #4

Discipleship Minute: Chaos #3

Read Genesis 6:5-9, 13-14, 17-22; 7:11-13; 8:15-16, 20-22.We use water for a great many things: drinking, washing, cleaning, and operating machinery. Water is necessary for human flourishing. But, God chose to use water for His righteous judgement over the sin of mankind. In the beginning of this week’s passage, sin was widespread. The inclination of … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Chaos #3

Discipleship Minute: Chaos #2

Read Genesis 4:1-8, 17-24, 5:3-5Many people are interested in their family history and genealogy. The writer of Genesis, Moses, after relating the origin of human sin, gave the account of the descendants of the first human pair. Although God gave Adam and Eve a family, our first human parents gave those children and succeeding generations … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Chaos #2

Discipleship Minute: Creation #3

Read Psalm 96; II Corinthians 4:1-6.The glory of God. Some of our greatest Bible verses and Christian hymns have been written about it. Yet, it is a difficult concept to comprehend. My professor of theology, Dr. James Leo Garrett, defined the glory of God as “the majestic manifestation and recognition of God as holy and … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Creation #3