Course Review: Evangelism in a Scientific Context

Recently, I completed the work for a course called “Evangelism in a Scientific Context.” The course was administered through Reasons To Believe in their Reasons Institute (Reasons Institute - Reasons to Believe). I took the course to maintain my certification as a Volunteer Apologist with that organization. With the perspective of a few weeks after … Continue reading Course Review: Evangelism in a Scientific Context

Doctor’s Orders (Part 10)

Luke 18:18-23StudyJesus, the Great Physician, knew the exact course of treatment for the man’s problem. He reminded the young man of the commandments. The young man affirmed that he knew the commandments. In fact, the young had probably studied the Scriptures since his early years.The collection of sayings from the Jewish rabbis, called the Mishnah, … Continue reading Doctor’s Orders (Part 10)