Discipleship Minute: Wilderness #1

Read Exodus 16:2-5, 13-20, 27-30; 17:2-7.

Have you ever know someone who complains whether at work or at home? It’s easy to get into the habit of listening to complaints and then joining in with the complainer as well. After few days after the miracle at the Red Sea, the people of Israel were complaining. God had already made bitter water into drinkable water, but now there was a lack of food. The Israelites began to complain and long for the “good old days” of slavery in Egypt. God provided bread for them to eat. This was a teaching moment for the people, to see if they would follow God’s instructions. This flaky provision was to be gathered each day. But, they were only to gather enough for that day. Some tried to gather enough for a “rainy day” and the extra portion became rancid and inedible. On the sixth day, the people were to gather a double portion and use the seventh day as a day of rest. This regimen was to continue for the next forty years.

At a place called Rephidim, a lack of water caused the people to complain again. The discord was so virulent that Moses felt in danger for his own life. God again provided water at Horeb, the mountain of God.

Complaining was a problem then and it is a problem now, even for believers, myself included. The ultimate question is when I complain about a situation, at whom am I aiming my vitriol? The answer is God. Am I overlooking God’s provision and His blessings in my life so that I can complain? Perhaps I need to remind myself that God is my source and provision, just as He was for Israel.

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