Discipleship Minute: Wilderness 9

Read I Peter 1:13-25.In all of their travels through the wilderness, the community of Israel found almost every opportunity to grumble and complain about their situation. We have talked about this many times in these articles. However, at each point, Yahweh God remained holy in all of His interactions with His people. What do we … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Wilderness 9

An Interesting Challenge

Regular readers of the Mark Riser – Apologist blog will note that I have been critical of modern-day “prophets” who have made false predictions about multiple subjects, including COVID-19 and the 2020 United States presidential election. Because of this, I noted with great interest that Justin Peters, an expert in the Word-Faith and prophetic movements, … Continue reading An Interesting Challenge

Easter 2022: Women and the Empty Tomb of Jesus

Think about the situation from the perspective of the disciple of Jesus of Nazareth that first Easter Sunday morning. Their leader was dead, He was killed on a Roman cross at the behest of the Jewish religious leadership. Jesus spoke to those disciples in such a way that they believed He was going to lead … Continue reading Easter 2022: Women and the Empty Tomb of Jesus


2022 #4It is a classic question: “If God created everything, then who created God?” Skeptics have used this question to throw believers into a knot of questions about God’s existence. In fact, unbelievers and believers have wrestled with the idea of an eternally-existing God. Kenneth Samples points out that God is unlike everything else, God, … Continue reading IMPORTANT MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT

Discipleship Minute: Wilderness 8

Read Numbers 21:1-9.The Lord had provided for the community of Israel throughout their journey in the wilderness, even when they grumbled and complained. At this point in the narrative, their journey took them near the southern edge of the Promised Land. It was here that they encountered the Canaanites, who engaged them in battle and … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Wilderness 8