Discipleship Minute: Wilderness #2

Read Exodus 19:3-6; 20:1-8, 12-17.

Every society has rules and guidelines to guide it. After Moses and the people of Israel reached Mount Horeb, Moses climbed the mountain and God gave him words to speak to all the people. God reminded Moses that He had saved His people from slavery in Egypt. He had provided for them during their travels in the wilderness. At this point, Yahweh God had brought them to this mountain in order that they might receive His instruction. If they kept God’s instructions, He would treasure them and they would be a unique people among all the peoples of the earth.

The first part of God’s instructions, which are called The Ten Commandments, taught them about how they should love and relate to God. The people were to worship God exclusively without making idols. Their worship would not be like those of other peoples because they were seeking a relationship with God, not attempting to placate Him like adherents of the false religions of the peoples that surrounded Israel.

The last six commandments reflected on how God’s people were to love one another. These commands, such as not to steal, not to commit murder, or not to commit adultery would function as a restraint on evil and selfish impulses which would help them honor and reflect their Creator God.

If the people of Israel kept those commands, they would be a unique people on the earth and have a unique relationship with God. Many years later, Jesus Christ was asked which command was the greatest. He summarized the commandments, and indeed the entire Law, into loving God and loving one’s neighbor. Following these commands make Christ-followers into a unique people as well. Are you doing that today? How are those two commands reflecting into your life?

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