I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself 2020 #1

“The deepest issue facing the church today is this: Are its main creeds and central teachings items of knowledge, or mere matters of blind faith, privatized personal beliefs, or issues of feeling to be accepted or set aside according to the individual or cultural pressures that come and go?”J. P. Moreland, The Soul: How We … Continue reading I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself 2020 #1

Important Ministry Announcement 2019 #9

The Christian faith contains many theological questions.  How can God be Triune?  What did it mean for God to become man?  How did Christ pay for the sins of man?  These questions are difficult for us to apprehend.  Should we approach these questions and others with blind faith?  In the eleventh century, Anselm modeled for … Continue reading Important Ministry Announcement 2019 #9


What kind of responsibility does a believer have when he or she leaves the church on Sunday morning? The apostle Paul calls believers “new creations” in Christ. If we are new creations, then we have been given the title of Ambassador for Christ. On Wednesday, November 6, I will be speaking on “Ambassadors” at the … Continue reading IMPORTANT MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT 2019 #8

A Playlist for Apologists 1

Holy, Holy, HolySince the beginning of my Christian life, music has been a part of it. I have served several churches as a music minister and worship leader. It is a great joy and responsibility to lead God’s people in worship.Worshipping God is our highest priority as Christians when we meet together in the corporate … Continue reading A Playlist for Apologists 1