2022 #11Driving through any American city, one will see that Christianity is represented by many churches, each teaching many doctrinal perspectives. Does that mean that the differences between Christian denominations cannot be resolved? Jesus Himself prayed for unity among believers, yet it seems that we cannot agree. Kenneth Samples addresses this issue in his book … Continue reading IMPORTANT MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT

Why I Am a Christian Apologist and Why You Should Care, Pt. 4

Nehemiah, armed with letters to officials and a military escort, traveled across his world to Jerusalem. He had everything he needed to do the work. The letters from the king gave him safe passage and access to resources needed to rebuild. When he reached the city, Nehemiah found that the situation was just as bleak … Continue reading Why I Am a Christian Apologist and Why You Should Care, Pt. 4

Discipleship Minute #24

Read Hebrews 10:19-25.What do you think about when considering the first church service you attended? I remember sitting in the balcony, bookmarking the hymns that we were going to sing that morning. The first “church” song that I ever memorized was the classic “Doxology.” It was always used as the offertory hymn. I will stipulate … Continue reading Discipleship Minute #24