2021 Year In Review

What can we say about 2021? We could be begin with, “At least it wasn’t 2020.” The last year contained progress and regress, especially with COVID. However, it was also another year of apologetics ministry for me. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Mark Riser – Apologist social media. In terms of platforms for social media engagement, Facebook is largely out for me. I continue to use it for the occasional Zoom link to my Life Group. It seems like a bad joke that I left Facebook and suddenly moved to Twitter, but that is the case. Twitter is an interesting tool for both engagement and finding new material. On my blog page, I began a new feature called Twitter: Best and Worst. This allows me to comment on and answer statements made by skeptics and atheists. I continue with the Social Justice Project and find new avenues for discussion with that feature. In a blast from the past, I have reintroduced Crucial Questions: An Apologetics Catechism, a successful series from the Facebook days. The second day of my blog week has allowed me to do a Bible study and discipleship-focused article.

Brookwood Baptist Church. I continue serving in my local church, Brookwood Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. In my off-campus Life Group, we have begun a multi-year overview of the Bible, beginning with the Old Testament. The study has been fruitful both in terms of personal impact and honing my teaching ability. Last year, was my first year to serve on our Deacon Leadership Team. In this position, I coordinate a team of four fellow deacons in ministry. Our deacon body has led our church in personal discipleship and I lead my team in a discipleship group, using the Stages program. I have continued to substitute in our Prayer Meetings for our Associate Pastor when called upon. I have done three Bible studies for that great group of believers.

Shreveport Reasons To Believe. I continue serve as President of the Shreveport Chapter of this fine organization. Our group made a year-long study in 2021 of Kenneth Samples’ book God Among Sages. That study culminated with a Zoom presentation and conversation with Dr. Samples himself, a session which was very well received. In 2021, Bruce Hennigan and I completed a Reasons Institute course called Evangelism in a Scientific Context, which gave us an overview of how scientific disciplines continue to give evidence for the God of the Bible as Creator.

I am thankful to God for the ministry of apologetics He has given to me. In a few weeks, I will share with you my intentions for 2022.

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