Questions from the Grab Bag 2019 #1

J. in Shreveport, asks:“I saw a website recently which said that we should reject the writings of Paul as being contradictory to the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. What do you think?Mark Riser – Apologist, replies: That’s a very interesting question, J.The website in question “argues the inspired New Testament consists of Jesus’ words … Continue reading Questions from the Grab Bag 2019 #1


What kind of responsibility does a believer have when he or she leaves the church on Sunday morning? The apostle Paul calls believers “new creations” in Christ. If we are new creations, then we have been given the title of Ambassador for Christ. On Wednesday, November 6, I will be speaking on “Ambassadors” at the … Continue reading IMPORTANT MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT 2019 #8

A Playlist for Apologists 1

Holy, Holy, HolySince the beginning of my Christian life, music has been a part of it. I have served several churches as a music minister and worship leader. It is a great joy and responsibility to lead God’s people in worship.Worshipping God is our highest priority as Christians when we meet together in the corporate … Continue reading A Playlist for Apologists 1


What does a fourth-century Christian bishop have to do with a person with a magazine who may knock on your door? They both figure in a controversy which threatened the early church. It took a strong leader to stand and fight, but Athanasius led the good fight. On Tuesday evening, 22 October, I will be … Continue reading IMPORTANT MINSITRY ANNOUNCEMENT 2019 #8

A Prayer for False Teachers

“O, God, You are the one true God. Truth is in Your nature. There is no falsehood in You. We know this and love You for it.There are those who preach a false god and a false Jesus. This false god is really nothing more than money and greed which leads these false teachers to … Continue reading A Prayer for False Teachers