2021 #11Billions of people around the world adhere to many different faith traditions. Christians are confronted with different religions and belief systems. Is there a way to building a foundation from the Bible in dealing with the religions of the world? Christian philosopher and theologian Kenneth Samples examines this in his book God Among Sages. … Continue reading IMPORTANT MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT


2021 #7Millions of people, especially in Asia, adhere to the philosophy of the sage Confucius. However, to people in the west, Confucius may be another ancient Chinese mystery. What did Confucius teach? What was his philosophy? Most importantly, how did the teachings of the sage compare to the life and teachings of the Savior Jesus … Continue reading IMPORTANT MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT

The End of “Religion”?

Christians have been hit with disturbing news over the past few years. We have realized that our culture is “post-Christian.” “In general Western culture is deeply post-Christian,” says Dr. William Lane Craig. Any observer would have to agree that, in its expressions of music, movies, television, or the written word, Western culture does not even … Continue reading The End of “Religion”?

Doctor’s Orders (Part 15)

Luke 18:18-23StudyLet’s read that last verse to see how the young man reacted.Luke writes,“After he heard this, he became extremely sad, because he was very rich” (Luke 18:23, HCSB).The ruler had come to Jesus for advice. Jesus had given him the best advice, tailor made for his real problem, his real affliction. The young man … Continue reading Doctor’s Orders (Part 15)


2021 #5According to the latest statistics, there are 535 million people who follow the teachings of Buddhism. But, Buddhism may be more of an unknown to us. How does the Buddhist worldview compare to the Christian worldview? Kenneth Samples looks at this important topic in his book God Among Sages. The Shreveport Chapter of Reasons … Continue reading IMPORTANT MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT

Social Justice Project #32

Practical Concerns and QuestionsDo Christians care about the whole person or just the soul?Have you ever heard a Christian believer described as being “so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good?” This is an old phrase, but one that is loaded with meaning. Some Christians react to the prevailing culture, especially in the United … Continue reading Social Justice Project #32