World Religion Day 2020: A Report

One of the outreach projects in which I participate each year is the annual World Religion Day event conducted in Shreveport, Louisiana. For the past few years, I have attended this event as part of a team of apologists led by Chan Hearron, a Christian school teacher.The mission statement of World Religion Day is to … Continue reading World Religion Day 2020: A Report

The End of “Religion”?

Christians have been hit with disturbing news over the past few years. We have realized that our culture is “post-Christian.” “In general Western culture is deeply post-Christian,” says Dr. William Lane Craig. Any observer would have to agree that, in its expressions of music, movies, television, or the written word, Western culture does not even … Continue reading The End of “Religion”?

Important Ministry Announcement 2020 #3

How can we communicate in a better way with unbelievers who challenge us about the Christian worldview?  Beginning on Wednesday, February 5, Bruce Hennigan and I will begin an eight-week series called Apologetics 2020.  The series will take place at Brookwood Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana each Wednesday beginning at 6:15 in Room 213.  There … Continue reading Important Ministry Announcement 2020 #3

Important Ministry Announcement 2020 #2

A theologian and philosopher from the thirteenth century is regarded even today as one of the greatest theologians ever produced by the church.  What ideas and works made him so great?  At the monthly meeting of the Shreveport Chapter of Reasons To Believe, we will continue our Classic Christian Thinkers series with Thomas Aquinas:  The … Continue reading Important Ministry Announcement 2020 #2