Discipleship Minute: Promise #4

Read Colossians 1:15-17, Psalm 103:15-19, Matthew 6:25-34

As we have seen through our look at Genesis, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob tried “Plan B” many times instead of relying on God’s faithful promise and provision. But before we think we’ve done better, let’s remind ourselves that we have those same promises and provision and still attempt to do things on our own. The Biblical accounts remind us that God is more than able to keep His promises and provide for us. How do we know this?

First, Jesus Christ is the creator of the universe. Paul reminded the believers in Colossae that Jesus is the image of God in human flesh, the ruler of all creation, and eternal. These truths and many more in the Scriptures remind us that Jesus is God! That means He is loving and powerful enough to keep His word.

Second, there is no comparison between God and man. The Psalmist compares man to the flowers and grass which are here for only a short time. When you think about it, in comparison to the billions of years of earth’s history, we are just a blip on the cosmic scale. But, the writer also says that God is faithful in love to those who hold Him in reverence. God’s love for His people is a constant theme in the Biblical accounts. While people fail, God keeps His covenant promises, because they are wholly dependent on Him because He is sovereign over heaven and earth.

Lastly, God’s kingdom will outlast temporary possessions. People do worry over the mundane things of life and possessions. Jesus reminds us to seek out the kingdom of God instead. The kingdom of God is the rule and reign of God in the hearts of people. It is not only for the future, but an ever-present reality as we make Him the Lord of our lives.

Centering our focus on God and His provision for our lives means remembering His covenant promises to us. This will give us a new perspective on life and possessions which is really an eternal one. As we finish up 2021, let’s make Him our focus!

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