Discipleship Minute: Chaos #2

Read Genesis 4:1-8, 17-24, 5:3-5Many people are interested in their family history and genealogy. The writer of Genesis, Moses, after relating the origin of human sin, gave the account of the descendants of the first human pair. Although God gave Adam and Eve a family, our first human parents gave those children and succeeding generations … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Chaos #2

A Message to the SBC Executive Committee

This is a statement written last week and signed by many Baptist pastors from the state of Louisiana, including my pastor. If follows on the heels of similar statement coming from pastors in other states. I wholeheartedly support this declaration and pray that my fellow Southern Baptists will join it.Louisiana Baptists Letter to the Executive … Continue reading A Message to the SBC Executive Committee

Discipleship Minute: Creation #3

Read Psalm 96; II Corinthians 4:1-6.The glory of God. Some of our greatest Bible verses and Christian hymns have been written about it. Yet, it is a difficult concept to comprehend. My professor of theology, Dr. James Leo Garrett, defined the glory of God as “the majestic manifestation and recognition of God as holy and … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Creation #3

Discipleship Minute: Creation #2

Read Genesis 1:26-28, 2:18-23; Psalm 8:3-9.What does it mean to be human? There are many things that we could say at this point. Human beings are self-aware. Human beings are creative. They exercise the ability to reason and to show compassion. Fundamentally, to understand what it means to be human must begin with the creation … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Creation #2

Questions from the Grab Bag

2021 #1“D” in Australia asks:Just one question which I have been struggling on. Supposing Old Earth Creationism and the biblical story fit together, to we just presume that God randomly picked Abraham out of nowhere sometime around -3000BC, or did his ancestors know of the Hebrew God?Secondly, does archaeology affirm\falsify some biblical accounts? And are … Continue reading Questions from the Grab Bag

Discipleship Minute: Creation #1

Read Genesis 1:1-5, 14-19, Hebrews 11:1-3.How did your favorite childhood story start?· “Once upon a time…”· “It was a dark and stormy night…”· “Captain’s Log, Stardate…” (OK, that was mine.)At the beginning of the twentieth century, the consensus of scientists was that the universe had no beginning. It had always existed. By the end of … Continue reading Discipleship Minute: Creation #1


2021 #8Kenneth Samples says, “Among the world’s great religious leaders, only two founded religions whose adherents now number well beyond a billion people—Muhammed and Jesus Christ.” Both Muhammed and Jesus are regarded as among the most influential people in history. Even with our recent historical experiences, the religion founded by Muhammad, Islam, may still be … Continue reading IMPORTANT MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT