Book Review: Person of Interest

A cold-case detective was handed an unsolved missing person case. What happened to Tammy Hayes in May, 2000? Was her disappearance the result of her simply leaving the area or was it more sinister than that? How can even a veteran detective solve a case without a body? What skills could this detective bring to … Continue reading Book Review: Person of Interest

I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself 2021 #1

“How is it that a carpenter from obscure Nazareth commands the allegiance of hundreds of millions of people who have given their lives to Him? The New Testament documents have an answer: Jesus was the very Son of God, that is, He was (and is) God the Son. Jesus was genuinely God and man, He … Continue reading I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself 2021 #1

Doctor’s Orders (Part 3)

Luke 18:18-23IntroductionIn John 5, Jesus Christ is presented as The Great Physician. We see in many places where Jesus did miracles which affected the physical health of people. In many places in the Gospel accounts, Jesus healed people of diseases. There are accounts where Jesus restored bodies that were wracked by physical conditions and ailments. … Continue reading Doctor’s Orders (Part 3)