Doctor’s Orders (Part 10)

Luke 18:18-23


Jesus, the Great Physician, knew the exact course of treatment for the man’s problem. He reminded the young man of the commandments. The young man affirmed that he knew the commandments. In fact, the young had probably studied the Scriptures since his early years.

The collection of sayings from the Jewish rabbis, called the Mishnah, talks about the early education of young man in that society.

o “At five years of age, one is ready for the study of the Written Torah, at ten years of age for the study of the Oral Torah, at thirteen for bar-mitzvah (the religious coming of age ceremony), at fifteen for the study of halachot (rabbinic legal decision)…”

That is a lot homework. And it probably was done through rote memorization and repetition. The young man was thoroughly equipped in the Law at the time of adulthood in order to be a functioning member of society.

Next Week: Feeling good?

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