Crucial Questions: An Apologetics Catechism

Christian ApologeticsQuestion 3: Can a lost person be argued into the Kingdom of God using apologetics?Answer 3: Apologetics presents a positive challenge that points the unbeliever to the Kingdom of God.Comment: My first experience with apologetics involved a lot of argumentation. That is to say, I argued a lot. I was a new believer and … Continue reading Crucial Questions: An Apologetics Catechism

Course Review: Evangelism in a Scientific Context

Recently, I completed the work for a course called “Evangelism in a Scientific Context.” The course was administered through Reasons To Believe in their Reasons Institute (Reasons Institute - Reasons to Believe). I took the course to maintain my certification as a Volunteer Apologist with that organization. With the perspective of a few weeks after … Continue reading Course Review: Evangelism in a Scientific Context