Discipleship Minute – Luke #2

Read Luke 1:26-38.

Last week, we saw Zechariah, a priest, who was going to be the recipient of an answered prayer. He and his wife, Elizabeth, though being beyond childbearing age, would have a son. This son would be a prophet who would lead many in Israel back to God. In the next scene in Luke’s narrative, the angel Gabriel appears to a young woman named Mary who, although a virgin, would conceive and bear a son as well. In Gabriel’s message, he says that the child’s name will be Jesus. This is the short form of the Hebrew name Joshua, or Yeshua. The name means “Yahweh is salvation.”

Mary’s response is to as a sincere question of how this could be, seeing as though she is a virgin. The angel does not give her complete details, but does indicate God will be with her and that nothing is impossible with Him. After all, the One who created the universe and gave an elderly childless couple a baby could certain make a virgin conception happen.

I’ve heard many testimonies of people who believe that they cannot ask questions, either of God or those who lead and teach churches. In those cases, this “ban” on questioning has been damaging to those individuals. The God who created the universe is not afraid of sincere questions. Take your questions to the Lord and to His word. You can seek out pastors, teachers, and apologists who will help as well.

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