Discipleship Minute – Luke #1

Read Luke 1:13-25.We have seen so many instances of promises made and not kept these days. However, God made promises of redemption for mankind even from the first few chapters of Genesis. The writer Luke began his gospel account showing how God used an ordinary man to begin the ultimate fulfillment of His redemptive plan. … Continue reading Discipleship Minute – Luke #1

Discipleship Minute #37

Read I Corinthians 15:1-8Critics charge that Christianity is a crutch for the weak minded, who believe things that “ain’t necessarily so.” That belief is based on blind faith. Perhaps we have brought some of that charge on ourselves. Christian philosopher J. P. Moreland says, “Religion is now viewed by many as a placebo or emotional … Continue reading Discipleship Minute #37

Discipleship Minute #33

Read Luke 9:20-27.We see crosses in our churches and on steeples. Christians even wear crosses as jewelry. There is a temptation to forget that the cross represents sacrifice. Jesus Christ willingly died a sacrificial death on the cross to save sinful mankind. In our passage, Jesus made the clearest prediction about His suffering and sacrifice. … Continue reading Discipleship Minute #33