Social Justice Project #28

The Attributes of God and Justice

Part 7: Omnipresence

God possesses attributes which are characterized in two categories: incommunicable and communicable. Those attributes which are incommunicable are those that He holds uniquely to Himself and does not share to any degree with human beings. An attribute which is communicable is one that God possesses and exemplifies but is also one which humanity can possess to a degree.

The Psalmist asks the question: “Where can I go to escape Your Spirit?” (Psalm 139:7a, HCSB). The question is meant to be rhetorical. God is in all places at all times. This is what we mean when we say that God is omnipresent. At the beginning of the Psalm, the writer notes that God knows him and knows each point in his life. He also notes that God created him and knew him in the womb. The Psalmists smallest parts were not unknown to God. This means that there is nothing that escapes God’s notice.

For those who seek justice for wrongs, it may seem that God is distant in the time of trouble. This is not the case. God told Moses that the cries of His people and their suffering had been seen by Him (Exodus 3:7). In a world of limited, tribal idols, Yahweh was present with His people and would rescue them. In the Great Commission, Jesus says that He is with us until the end (Matt. 28:20). The promise of God’s omnipresence should bring great comfort to the believer who looks for justice.

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