Discipleship Minute #32

Read Philippians 2:5-11

When you think of generosity, who comes to mind? I can think of several individuals who were generous with their time, talents, and resources with which they invested in my life. But, the most generous person we can imagine pales in comparison with Jesus Christ. This week’s passage is one of the most distinct descriptions of the generosity of Jesus. These words were likely a hymn that was sung in the early churches in order to teach good theology.

Paul says that Jesus did not exercise the prerogatives of deity, but came to serve. That was His primary motivation. He was obedient to God’s will (John 6:38) and that included being put to death by the very people He came to save. In doing so, He became our salvation. This was God’s plan from the beginning and we see that in the very first chapters of Genesis in which God exiled mankind from the Garden of Eden but provided a hope that, one day, sin would be defeated. When Jesus made His once-and-for-all sacrifice on the cross, He did so to set us free.

Because Jesus set us free, He gave us the mission to serve God and honor Him. Have you taken up that mission?

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