Social Justice Project #19

What does the Bible say about justice?

Part 14: The Pauline Letters: II Corinthians

The apostle Paul wrote much of the Christian Scriptures. His corpus of writings comprise letters to churches and leaders of the churches in which he was involved. Two letters to the church in Corinth were included in the canon of Scripture, although evidence indicates that these are not the only writings he addressed to them. This particular letter was written around the year 55 AD.

Paul uses the word “justice” once in this epistle.

The Corinthians church could have been described as dysfunctional. But, Titus had reported to Paul that they had begun to turn around and solve their problems, one being allowing a sexual offender to continue in the midst of their services. In II Corinthians 7:9-13, Paul contrasted godly sorrow and repentance with the temporary grief put forth by the world. Godly sorrow and repentance produced indignation at sin, zeal for right living, and justice. Here the apostle uses the word ekdikêsin, meaning defense, vindication, or retribution. The Corinthians, at this point, had exercised discipline against a grievous offender. Paul was comforted by the Corinthians newfound resolution, produced by God.

This usage is consistent with our definition.

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