Discipleship Minute #38

Read Luke 24:13-35.

Have you ever been accused of “missing the forest for the trees?” I know I have. If you read the Gospel accounts, the disciples did that a lot. How many times did Jesus have to explain to those twelve men exactly what was going on and why He was on earth? How many times did they just not get it? Certainly the days following Jesus’s crucifixion were troubling. In this passage two followers of Jesus were travelling on the road to Emmaus discussing the events of the past few days. But, at this point in the account, there were rumors that the tomb was empty. However, the report which came from the women sounded like nonsense (Luke 24:11) and no one understood. These two disciples found themselves with a travelling companion, which turned out to be Jesus Himself. He began to explain to them, once again, that the message of the Hebrew Scripture pointed directly at Jesus. He explained to them from the Law of Moses and the prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus.

We have the benefit of having the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say. Followers of Jesus now can open our Bibles and see the forest and the trees. We can see the “scarlet thread” of redemption from beginning to end. Jesus Christ becomes the center of the entire narrative. If we are looking for the forest, that is, the story of redemption, we also see that if Jesus is the center of the story, we are not. We find our place in Him.

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