Crucial Questions: An Apologetics Catechism

Christian ApologeticsWords in So Many Characters 2Christian Discipleship in 303 Characters Christian discipleship is the process of following Jesus Christ, learning His teachings, and following His example. The process is a series of decisions which lead to a continually maturing relationship with Him which affects all the areas of the disciples’ life. The result of … Continue reading Crucial Questions: An Apologetics Catechism

My Fall Reading List 2022

In addition to my Bible reading and study materials, this is what I am currently reading.Lincoln at Cooper Union, Harold Holzer. Exploring Abraham Lincoln’s most famous and widely circulated pre-presidential speech.Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Donald S. Whitney. Showing how spiritual disciplines can be the means to spiritual growth and freedom.Christianity at the Crossroads, … Continue reading My Fall Reading List 2022

A Playlist for Apologists 2022 #1

Holy, Holy, HolySince the beginning of my Christian life, music has been a part of it. I have served several churches as a music minister and worship leader. It is a great joy and responsibility to lead God’s people in worship.Worshipping God is our highest priority as Christians when we meet together in the corporate … Continue reading A Playlist for Apologists 2022 #1

What Kind of Case? David and Bathsheba

Christian denominations, most prominently the Southern Baptist Convention, have had to examine their record regarding sexual abuse. The reverberations have begun and will not end soon. With increasing revelations of sexual abuse, it was only a matter of time when Biblical accounts were examined for accusation of abuse. David, king of Israel, became a prime … Continue reading What Kind of Case? David and Bathsheba