Questions from the Grab Bag

2021 #1“D” in Australia asks:Just one question which I have been struggling on. Supposing Old Earth Creationism and the biblical story fit together, to we just presume that God randomly picked Abraham out of nowhere sometime around -3000BC, or did his ancestors know of the Hebrew God?Secondly, does archaeology affirm\falsify some biblical accounts? And are … Continue reading Questions from the Grab Bag

Social Justice Project #1

IntroductionIn my ministry of apologetics, I have the privilege of answering tough questions from the members of my church. A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in the coffee shop when a friend approached me and said, “What do you think is going on with intersectionality and the SBC?” I admitted that this was … Continue reading Social Justice Project #1

Questions from the Grab Bag 2019 #1

J. in Shreveport, asks:“I saw a website recently which said that we should reject the writings of Paul as being contradictory to the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. What do you think?Mark Riser – Apologist, replies: That’s a very interesting question, J.The website in question “argues the inspired New Testament consists of Jesus’ words … Continue reading Questions from the Grab Bag 2019 #1