Crucial Questions: An Apologetics Catechism

Christian ApologeticsQuestion 3: Can a lost person be argued into the Kingdom of God using apologetics?Answer 3: Apologetics presents a positive challenge that points the unbeliever to the Kingdom of God.Comment: My first experience with apologetics involved a lot of argumentation. That is to say, I argued a lot. I was a new believer and … Continue reading Crucial Questions: An Apologetics Catechism

A Playlist for Apologists 2023 #1

Revive Us AgainIn the past few weeks, the church as a whole has been talking about revival. As many of you know, this was sparked by the continuous chapel service held at Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. Participants spent twelve days in prayer and worship. The events surrounding Asbury and the services brought questions and a … Continue reading A Playlist for Apologists 2023 #1

What I’m Reading in Winter 2023

In addition to Bible study and lesson preparation, this is what I’m reading.The Case for Jesus by Brant PitreAnswering key questions about the historical evidence for Jesus Christ.Reading for a purposeLogic and the Way of Jesus by Travis DickinsonDemonstrating how Jesus used logic in His teaching ministry and basic concepts in logic along with practical … Continue reading What I’m Reading in Winter 2023

Identify the Year: 2022

“How do you identify?” This question has certainly captured the attention of the nation. Identity has replaced other means for determining who one is. People use terms denoting family relationships, work, and orientation to say who they are. Two terms can be used to describe me, among others:Christian and Apologist.Those two terms speak to my … Continue reading Identify the Year: 2022