Doctor’s Orders (Part 10)

Luke 18:18-23StudyJesus, the Great Physician, knew the exact course of treatment for the man’s problem. He reminded the young man of the commandments. The young man affirmed that he knew the commandments. In fact, the young had probably studied the Scriptures since his early years.The collection of sayings from the Jewish rabbis, called the Mishnah, … Continue reading Doctor’s Orders (Part 10)

Doctor’s Orders (Part 9)

Luke 18:18-23StudyThe second thing we can see in this conversation is that Jesus gave the right prescription.Let’s continue with the passage, Luke 18: 20-22.Jesus continues,o “You know the commandments: Do not commit adultery; do not murder; do not steal; do not bear false witness; honor your father and mother.’ ‘I have kept all these from … Continue reading Doctor’s Orders (Part 9)

Discipleship Minute – Luke #13

Read Luke 9:18-27.“Identify” seems to be the word of the decade. People can identify, it seems, as anything they want, even as Christians. Jesus asked His disciples how the crowds identified Him. “John the Baptist” or “a prophet” were among the answers. Jesus had already demonstrated that He was a worker of miracles, a healer, … Continue reading Discipleship Minute – Luke #13

Discipleship Minute – Luke #12

Read Luke 7:40-50.Suppose someone came to your house right now and said they were taking care of all your debts: mortgage, car note, credit cards, and medical bills? The forgiveness of temporal and temporary debts would certainly be like a massive weight lifted off your shoulders. It would be a relief and open up possibilities … Continue reading Discipleship Minute – Luke #12