Discipleship Minute: Conquest #2

Read Joshua 3:5-17, 4:1-7

It would take faith, courage, and obedience for God’s people to cross over into the Promised Land. Most of all it would take a step into a raging river. As the people stood at the Jordan River, they were to consecrate themselves and the priests were to move forward carrying the Ark of the Covenant. God was going to show the people that He was with them and Joshua as He had been with Moses.

The miracle that took place next would erase all the fears and doubts that the people had about the military campaign ahead. There may have been a temptation among the people to view God as the “God of yesterday” with all the miracle stories that happened to the previous generation. As the priests moved forward with the Ark of the Covenant, the Jordan River parted and the people were able to cross over on dry land. This was a parallel to the crossing of the Red Sea by the previous generation. But, after the people crossed over into the Promised Land, God issued a new command. Twelve men were to be selected. Each man was to take a rock from the Jordan River and place the rocks in a mound at the place where the people stopped. This mound of rocks was to be a memorial for the people and a point of reference for future generations about the mighty work of God.

We may fall into the trap of thinking that God is working in the lives of others and not us. As believers, we must remember that God is alive and active in our lives. How can we be better prepared to see God’s work in us? We can pray, read His word, attend a small-group of believers for Bible study and sharing life together. We can remember God’s promises to us and take the time to note God’s work in our lives now. These actions will help us when the difficult circumstances come. Which of those actions to you need to do?

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