The Best (and Worst) of Twitter


2022 #1

Twitter. There’s a part that’s good. There is a part that is bad; and there is a part that you wouldn’t believe. Twitter, along with other social media platforms can be used for good. Many things that you can find on the social media platform are actually funny. I found one this week that was worth sharing.

#1. The Florida man meme.

“Summarize a Bible story in the form of a ‘Florida Man’ headline.”

The “Florida man” meme has been quite a feature on the internet, appearing on various sites, platforms, and media outlets. When I saw this meme, I decided to create some myself.

· Florida man kills brother in religious dispute.

· Florida man builds ship in urban area. ‘Not a theme park,’ he says.

· Florida teenager killed by wild animals, as reported by relatives. Father distraught.

· Florida man covered in fish goop makes major speech in the center of the city.

· Breaking News: Prominent religious leader concludes evening meeting with provocative teacher.

· Florida man’s building project runs out of money. Community scoffs, ‘Not a wise choice.’

· Florida man denies connection with controversial teacher, pleads ignorance.

· Up and coming Florida religious leader joins controversial cult.

See if you can determine which Biblical accounts are represented here.

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