Discipleship Minute #24

Read Hebrews 10:19-25.

What do you think about when considering the first church service you attended? I remember sitting in the balcony, bookmarking the hymns that we were going to sing that morning. The first “church” song that I ever memorized was the classic “Doxology.” It was always used as the offertory hymn. I will stipulate that the church, in general, has not covered herself with glory lately for many reasons. However, I will suggest that the church should be a vital part of the life of a believer. In order to see that, we have to correct a couple of misconceptions about the church. First, the church is not the building that we call the church. The church, both in the global and the local sense, is the group of believers that come together. The old song says that we are part of “the family of God” and that is the Biblical idea. The church is the family of believers in Jesus Christ. Second, the church doesn’t simply rest on its laurels. The church meets together and then scatters. One thing that we can perceive from reading the book of Acts is that the church moved out from Jerusalem following the mandate of the Great Commission and took the message to the Roman world and beyond. Our goal now is the same: to take the message of Christ and influence those who have not yet heard it. Are you a part of local church where you can meet with other believers to worship and reach out? If not, why not?

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