Discipleship Minute #22

Read Luke 17:20-30, 33-35.

In a few weeks, people in the United States will celebrate our independence from Great Britain, which was announced on July 4, 1776. We have an aversion to being ruled. Americans love their independence. Jesus, however, spoke of another kingdom, the kingdom of God. There are two realities about the kingdom of God.

First, the kingdom of God is happening right now and it will happen later. The kingdom of God that we experience now is the rule and reign of God in the hearts of people. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is “in your midst” (Luke 17:21). Because we have asked Jesus into our hearts, believers have been ushered into the kingdom of God. We also have the promise of Jesus that we will see a day when believers will live in the direct presence of God (John 14:3). This is the future component of the kingdom of God.

Second, Christians live as citizens of the kingdom of God. You might say that we have a “dual citizenship.” While we live in earthly kingdoms or countries, we also have citizenship in God’s kingdom. We represent the kingdom of God as ambassadors (II Cor. 5:20).

Does God rule and reign in your heart today? How are you representing Christ where you are?

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