Discipleship Minute #5

Read Acts 1:8 and 2:42-47.

At one church in which I served, the first Sunday of deer hunting season was almost a sacred holiday. Most of the men were absent on that day. I’ve heard it said many times that “I could worship out there on a deer stand just as well as in the church!” Perhaps this attitude reflects a misunderstanding of what the church is and our part in it.

Jesus gave the command to the church to be witnesses for the gospel. Many people think the church is simply the building itself, but at the time of Christ’s command, there no elaborate church buildings as we have today. A building composed of brick, mortar, and drywall cannot share the gospel. People have to do that. In order to be effective ambassadors for Jesus, believers must have a place where they can worship God, learning about Him, and serve Him. The individual church is the home base for each of those activities.

The church is not just the building. The church is the community of people who call Jesus Lord and want to follow Him with their lives. It is the place where we connect with Him and other believers. Are you a member of a local, Christ-honoring, Bible-believing church in your area? If so, support that body of believers with your time, your gifts, and your treasure. If not, find one and join them next Sunday.

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