Discipleship Minute #4

Read Luke 10:38-42.

Can you imagine what you might do if you Jesus were coming for dinner? In this passage, we see what Jesus’s friends, sisters Martha and Mary, were doing. Martha was making sure all the details of the house and the meal were just right. Mary was sitting and listening at the feet of Jesus. Martha wanted to have Jesus make Mary do her part, but Jesus said that Mary was doing the right thing in listening to Him.

How do we grow in our relationship with God? Pascal said that there is a “God-shaped” hole in the human heart that longs for connection with Him. Fortunately, God wants us to connect with Him, through prayer and the reading of His Word. Regular prayer and Bible study are the primary ways that we talk with God and hear His voice. As we talk with God and hear from Him through the pages of the Scripture He inspired, we will develop a deeper love and a closer relationship with Him.

We have so many things out there that call for our attention and our time. However, if we claim to be followers of the one true God, then daily communication with Him must be a priority. Does your daily schedule reflect the fact that you spend time with God? There are many plans out there for prayer and Bible reading out there. The key is to begin praying and reading the Bible daily and stick with it.

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