Discipleship Minute #3

Read Romans 6:1-11.

Some of you were baptized as children. Others, like me, were baptized as teenagers or later. For the new believer, baptism is an essential step in obedience to Jesus Christ. Jesus even included this in what we called The Great Commission, His call to make disciples of all people.

Why this act of immersion in water? The water does not save us. The act itself does not save us. It is a symbol. As Paul indicates in Romans 6, we are showing that we have begun a new way of life (Rom. 6:4). As we are baptized, we are publically declaring our allegiance with Jesus Christ. We are also showing that our new life in Him has begun. It also shows that we shall be raised again when we die to be with Jesus and like Jesus.

At our church, new believers who are about to be lowered into the water are asked for their confession. Each one says, “Jesus is Lord.” It is for this reason new believer follow the command of our Lord Jesus Christ into baptism.

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