Discipleship Minute #2

Read Luke 19:1-10

Most of us are familiar with the children’s song about Zacchaeus. He was a “wee little man,” but he was also a tax collector in league with the Roman occupation. To the Jewish people, this would make Zacchaeus a pariah in the community. But, he wanted to see Jesus. Perhaps it was curiosity or word had spread about Jesus, His teaching and His miracles. Zacchaeus made it a point to climb up a tree just to see Jesus. Why? I think the Holy Spirit was working in this man’s life. Jesus made it a point to see Zacchaeus as well. Jesus said that He “must” have a meal at Zacchaeus’s house that day.

We don’t know what Jesus said to him, but in the midst of the meal, Zacchaeus made an astonishing declaration that he would pay restitution to those that he had cheated. Zacchaeus had made Jesus the center of his life and his actions were the outward expression of that decision. It’s the same way with us. When we repent and place our faith in Jesus, we begin to progress in making Jesus the center of our lives as we follow Him. This is called discipleship.

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