Three Takeaways from the 2022 Midterm Elections


The 2022 midterm elections took place last Tuesday. While the results are being sorted out, I’d like to post some of my thoughts.

First, good citizenship is a function of Christian discipleship. I was reading a tweet from Dr. Bart Barber on Election Day: “I will vote today as an act of Christian discipleship, not as a strategy to fix the world.” That statement struck me. The apostle Paul calls on believers to behave as good citizens in Romans 13. But ultimately, politics will not repair a world whose main problem is the sinful behavior of its human inhabitants. Political machinations nor the two major political parties are not the keys to solving our problems. Only drawing closer to Jesus Christ in discipleship will make a difference in our lives and in how we interact with others.

Second, God is still sovereign. Yes, some of the results of the election were disappointing. Candidates win and candidates lose. In several states, abortion on demand was enshrined into law. Those results can be disappointing. None of the results that we saw on Tuesday and will continue to see in the days (and possibly weeks!) ahead will change the fact that the Lord God Almighty is still on His throne and directing the world and using the free will decision of His creatures to move history toward the culmination of His plan for human history. If you think about it, believers in Jesus Christ are already on the right side of history and eternity.

Lastly, do I pray for my leaders enough? The week before the election, sent verses of the day related to citizenship, some of which exhorted me to pray for leaders at every level. I probably uttered a quick prayer for leaders in general, but none specially. The apostle Paul reminds us to pray, “…for kings and all those who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity” (II Tim. 2:2, HCSB). The question then becomes, do I pray for my leaders enough? The answer to that one is no, especially for the ones with which I disagree. I hope that you will join me in setting aside time to pray for our leaders at all levels, even ones who may be members of the opposite political persuasion.

May we be reminded of our discipleship as believers and our duty as citizens.

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