A Playlist for Apologists 2022 #2


Because We Believe

Creeds and confessions have played an important part in the communication of Christian belief. In my own denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, confessions have played a vital role through the years as statements of belief and practice. Those confessions are literally witnesses to those both inside and outside the church as to the beliefs that are most basic in Christianity.

Don Moen (b. June 29, 1960) composed a contemporary version of a Christian confession with “Because We Believe” (1997). I was introduced to this piece over a year ago in our worship service and immediately saw its importance and useful place in worship. This piece is used regularly by our Blended Service worship leader in our services.

The lyrics detail in echo form the basic beliefs of Christianity: “We believe in God the Father, we believe in God the Son…” The chorus move the singer from learner to worshipper: “Holy, holy…Holy is our God…” This song would certainly fit into the second or third spot in a worship music order. “Because We Believe” is a great teaching and worship song because a sound understanding of Christian teaching should lead the people in our congregations to worship.

Here is a link to a video of “Because We Believe.”

(1) Don Moen – Because We Believe – YouTube

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