Discipleship Minute: Conquest #1

Read Joshua 1:1-18

Moses led the people of Israel for forty years in their travels through the wilderness. At this point in the narrative, a new generation arrived at the edge of the Promised Land. The book of Joshua gets right to the point. Moses was dead. A new leader was needed for the people to advance in the land that God had promised to them. Joshua would be that leader. He had been the right-hand man of Moses and one of the spies who had gone into the Promised Land. Joshua, along with Caleb, had delivered the minority report that the land could be taken. Now, he would have to lead.

God commanded Joshua to move into the land. He promised the new leader that He would be with the people and grant them success. God not only gave him the command and the promise, He also gave Joshua His word. Joshua, in order to be an effective leader would need a steady diet of reading, meditation, and talking about God’s word.

Leadership required action as well. Joshua’s direction to the people and the timetable for action gave hope to the people that God’s word and promises would come to fruition. The Israelites, who had displayed groaning and complaining responded with obedience and confidence to Joshua, not because of who he was, but because of the God who was behind him.

We may not be moving into a military action, like those people. But, God has certainly gave us commands to do His will and the promise that He will always be with us as we follow Him. Do we move with confidence in God as we step out in faith?

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