Discipleship Minute: Wilderness 7

Read Numbers 20:1-13.

The people of Israel had wandered in the wilderness for forty years. At each point in the journey, instead of ever-increasing faith and trust in God, the people groaned, whined, and complained about almost everything. In the Wilderness of Zin, there was a lack of water. The people argued with Moses and began to play one of their favorite songs, the “I Miss Egypt Blues.” They complained that there was no prosperity in the wilderness. In fact, the luscious produce that they wished for was in the Promised Land, the land in which the previous generation did not want to go.

Moses and Aaron made the right move. They went to the tent of meeting in a reverent and worshipful attitude. God met them there in another visible manifestation. Yahweh told Moses and Aaron to take the staff through which God had shown many miracles and Moses had led the people. But, they were not to use the staff. Instead, the leaders were to speak to the rock and the people would receive water.

Moses and Aaron began to obey God’s instructions. But, Moses took it upon himself to do some complaining himself. He called the people “rebels,” because in fact they were. In his anger, Moses struck the rock which had represented God and His provision over the years. In that act, Moses and Aaron themselves became rebels. Because of this, God said that they would not enter into the Promised Land.

God will display His graciousness and holiness in our lives just as He did for the people of Israel. Even in the midst of rebellion, grumbling, and complaining (from the people and the leaders), God gave them the water they needed. God wants us to trust Him. He wants to demonstrate His holiness in our lives. Is there an area of your life where you find it difficult to trust in God and His holiness?

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