Heavenly Cinema?

Kat Kerr is known for a couple of things. She sports pink hair and claims to have made frequent trips to heaven. In one of those trips, Kerr claimed to see several entertainment personalities there. One of the most prominent of those celebrities was Western movie actor John Wayne. According to Kerr, Wayne was having an excellent time in the heavenly realm doing what he did best on earth: making Western pictures. “I don’t mind dropping names, people have seen him there,” she continued. “What is he doing? Making cowboy movies. … You use your gift in Heaven, and I saw him making a cowboy movie in this place…”

Kerr describe the Western side of heaven and the movies that Wayne was making there, “…except there’s no bandits, you’re not gonna roast, get scorched, be bitten by scorpions, none of that happens,”

We cannot make a comment about whether John Wayne ever made a profession of faith in Christ. Several sources indicate that the actor became a Roman Catholic before his death in 1979. But Kerr’s heavenly vision does raise an interesting question to me. What would a cowboy movie produced in heaven look like? It would be possible to make some informed suggestions based on common themes seen in our Western and cowboy films.

Would there be gunfights on the streets of the heavenly Western set? The ultimate source of sin and conflict will be expelled from heaven and will suffer forever in a “lake of fire” (Revelation 20:10), therefore, the sin that causes fights here on earth will not be present in heaven.

Would “mysterious strangers” venture into town and cause trouble? If Peter, James, and John recognized the prophets at the Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-8), then we will know no stranger in the future home of believers (I Corinthians 13:12).

Could grizzled prospectors dig endlessly for the vein of gold that would make them rich? Gold will be in abundance in the eternal home of believers and, therefore, would be easy to find (Revelation 21:15, 18). But, we probably will not desire it.

Will Western characters sit around tables in the heavenly saloon gambling their newly found gold away at poker? All of the card player will know what is in each other’s hands. Also, no one will be able to cheat at cards with a hidden ace up their sleeves (Matthew 10:26).

Finally, Randolph Scott would not be “riding the trail alone.” In heaven, we will be with God forever (I Thessalonians 4:17).

Most Western movies through the years have been dramatic in nature. All drama is based on conflict, whether it is interpersonal conflict or conflict against nature. The witness of the Biblical passages about heaven is that there will be no conflict. Our hope will not be in riches or besting another individual, but in the “living hope” that comes from a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ and an inheritance that will never vanish (I Peter 1:3-4). God Himself will be the ever-present reality in our lives as we worship and fellowship with Him forever. We may not have time to make movies or see movies in heavenly theatres, but we will never lack for purpose or work that makes temporary suspension of reality or disbelief the stuff of movies on this earth.

Kat Kerr claims to hear “straight from the throne of God.” However, she had made false predictions, especially concerning the 2020 election. On the authority of God’s Word, Kat Kerr is a false teacher (Deuteronomy 18:22). If she is a false prophet, then Kat Kerr should not be relied on to inform believers as to the content of heavenly movies.

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