Statements of Faith


When I began blogging on Facebook many years ago, I suggested rather strongly that you should check out any preacher, church, writer, or blogger’s statement of faith in order to help determine their orthodoxy. Thankfully, many Christian churches, apologists, and writers are willing to produce statements that show their doctrinal beliefs. Allow me to show you my particular statements of faith.

I am a member in good standing of Brookwood Baptist Church, the congregation in which I participate, serve, and give my offerings. Our statement of faith is the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 statement.

Follow this link:

As president of a local chapter of the faith-science organization Reasons To Believe, I also agree to the Statement of Faith of that apologetics organizations.

Follow this link:

I also hold to the Chicago Statement on Inerrancy.

Follow this link:

These statement define my doctrinal convictions. My prayer is that my life and apologetics work is consistent with those doctrinal convictions.

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