A Message to the SBC Executive Committee

This is a statement written last week and signed by many Baptist pastors from the state of Louisiana, including my pastor. If follows on the heels of similar statement coming from pastors in other states. I wholeheartedly support this declaration and pray that my fellow Southern Baptists will join it.

Louisiana Baptists Letter to the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention

As Louisiana Pastors, fully committed to the Southern Baptist Convention, we join our voice with many others across our SBC family in calling on the Executive Committee of the SBC to follow the clear voice of the 15,000 messengers to fully participate in the Sexual Abuse Task Force investigation. We are discouraged that it appears the attempt of the majority of the SBCEC has been to avoid the will of the messengers in waiving attorney-client privilege within the scope of this investigation. Anything less than full cooperation to the motion of the SBC messengers damages out polity, our transparency, our witness, and justice to survivors. We’re hopeful that in the days ahead every Executive Committee member will do what is right regardless of the cost. We’re proud to be from Louisiana and we’d like to continue to be proud to be Southern Baptist.

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