Discipleship Minute: Creation #3

Read Psalm 96; II Corinthians 4:1-6.

The glory of God. Some of our greatest Bible verses and Christian hymns have been written about it. Yet, it is a difficult concept to comprehend. My professor of theology, Dr. James Leo Garrett, defined the glory of God as “the majestic manifestation and recognition of God as holy and worthy of worship and praise.” God has revealed His glory to us in several ways. First, God has given us understanding about Himself and His glory through what He has created. Paul says that His power and majesty have been shown to everyone in the created order, such that no one has an excuse. No one can say they did not see it. Second, God has revealed Himself and His ways through the Bible and most clearly and fully through Jesus Christ. Psalm 96 is a call to worship because Yahweh is worthy of our praise and worship as the one true God. David said that the gods of the nations which surrounded Israel are “worthless idols” and not worthy to be called “god.” When we come together in worship to our holy God, we are celebrating God’s glory and His attributes of splendor, majesty, strength, and love. In our worship, we also give a witness to the world that God is our first priority. Our apprehension of God’s glory has been marred by our sin. Jesus Christ came to save us from our sin by his sacrificial death on the cross and His bodily resurrection. Since we have been saved, we have a ministry of revealing God’s glory through our lives which make the truth about Jesus show clearly. As we see His glory in His revelation to us, let us make much of Him and glorify God.

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