Discipleship Minute #5 Job

Read Job 42:1-11.

Have you ever said something that you were sure of at the time but were subsequently proven wrong? I surely have. At the end of Job’s story, he had to admit that he had said some things that were wrong. Job had defended his integrity before his friends and wanted to plead his case before God. Finally, God questioned Job and adjusted the man’s perspective. Although Job never found out the reason for his suffering, he did learn that God can do anything and that His plans are never thwarted. Job realized that he had spoken out of turn and desired to take back his words of bitterness which had been aimed at God.

After Job’s confession, God turned to the three friends Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar. They had spoken wrongly against God and had given Job bad theology. God told them to repent by sacrifice and ask Job to pray for them. Afterwards, Job’s fortunes were restored, more and better than before. It is certainly a happy ending to a difficult account in God’s Word.

We like happy endings to the stories we hear and read. But do they always happen in real life? Not all of our stories will end with our fortunes and possessions restored. Many of them did not begin that way either. As believers, we know that bad things will happen to us. However, we know that because we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, God loves us and His plan ultimately will work for our good (Rom. 8:28). How do respond when bad things happen? Do we moan and whine or do we respond with hope and assurance? Perhaps we should stop talking before we say something about God we might regret. No matter how our stories play out, we know that God is always faithful.

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