Doctor’s Orders (Part 15)

Luke 18:18-23


Let’s read that last verse to see how the young man reacted.

Luke writes,

“After he heard this, he became extremely sad, because he was very rich” (Luke 18:23, HCSB).

The ruler had come to Jesus for advice. Jesus had given him the best advice, tailor made for his real problem, his real affliction. The young man heard that advice.

I wonder what went through his mind at that point.

o “I came to this teacher for advice and this is all I get?”

o “I’ve followed all the commandments, just as well as anyone else might follow them. That should get me something.”

We go to our doctors for advice, which we get. Sometimes, we don’t follow our doctor’s advice.

o Take your medicine regularly.

o Exercise regularly.

o Stay away from sweets.

Now I’m meddling.

Jesus asked the young man to give it all away. Perhaps he thought that Jesus was now meddling. The rich young man might have been willing to give away a portion of his wealth, but not all.

Next Week: Sad and Rich

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