Doctor’s Orders (Part 3)

Luke 18:18-23


In John 5, Jesus Christ is presented as The Great Physician. We see in many places where Jesus did miracles which affected the physical health of people. In many places in the Gospel accounts, Jesus healed people of diseases. There are accounts where Jesus restored bodies that were wracked by physical conditions and ailments. Jesus also showed that He had power to raise the dead, restoring them to physical life.

Jesus Christ certainly qualifies to be called the Great Physician. But, Jesus was primarily interested in restoring the souls of people. He said in Luke 19:10 that His mission was to “seek and to save the lost.”

Over 40 times in the Gospels, Jesus had conversations with various individuals. In twenty-five of those instances, the other person started the conversation.

In this study, I’d like to focus on one of those conversations.

Next Week: The rich young ruler

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