Doctor’s Orders (Part 2)

Luke 18:18-23


Some people believe that their doctor’s orders are merely suggestions. I saw this the other day from the Association of American Medical Colleges,

o “A 2012 study in American College of Preventive Medicine found that nonadherence accounted for an estimated 125,000 deaths annually and at least 10 percent of hospitalizations. The repercussions also cost the U. S. health system as much as $300 billion a year, according to a 2014 study by Johns Hopkins University researchers.”

The article suggests many reasons for this disconnect between doctor and patient.

o The patient’s social and economic status or education level.

o The complexity of the treatment and instructions.

o Poor provider communication.

o Patient depression or stress.

o Physical or financial obstacles to drug access.

o Unpleasant side effects to medication.

o Not seeing any immediate benefit from the therapy.

o Simply growing tired of taking pills.

If I asked the question of how many of you reading this sometimes take their doctor’s advice for a mere suggestion, there may be some hands go up.

Including mine.

Next Week: The Great Physician

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