2020: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Year for The Prophets

A Video Review

Justin Peters is an evangelist and teacher who focuses on the “false teachings of the prosperity, health and wealth gospel.” In my own teaching on this subject, I have benefited from his work and video seminars. I was excited to hear that Peters was going to do a major video production on the many “prophets” who made predictions about events purported to come to pass in 2020 and the beginning of 2021. In order to do this work, Justin obviously listened to hours and hours of false prophets, their videos, and “Christian” television programs.

“2020: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Year for The Prophets” is a long video, at over four and one half hours. However, it is a necessary video production for the church. Peters asserts that the health of the church can be determined by the type of programming that can be seen on “Christian” television. In this case, the supply of Christian “prophetic” teachers has met the demand. This does mean that there is a considered lack of discernment in the Christian community, especially in the Charismatic groups and denominations. Hopefully, this video will give needed correction in that community.

Justin Peters uses three major events in his discussion of the “prophets”: the COVID-19 pandemic, the major riots in cities across the United States, and the 2020 presidential election. Each of these events were misunderstood, mishandled, and mis-predicted by “Christian prophets.” Many apologies came out from these teachers and prophets attempting to explain away their failure. Each of their apologies, Peters asserts, did not address the real issue of false prophecy.

The highlight of the video production was an interview Justin Peters conducted with Dr. Nathan Busenitz, Academic Provost at The Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Busenitz answers many important questions about prophecy both in the Old and New Testaments. He defines three Biblical tests for defining prophets. First, the prophet will be doctrinally correct. Second, moral integrity will be exhibited by the prophet. Lastly, the person who purports to be a prophet delivering a message from God will be one hundred percent accurate in what he proclaims. Deuteronomy 18 sets out the test of accuracy for prophets, which the modern-day prophets have failed in a spectacular fashion.

Justin Peters has done this video for the benefit of the church. One of the ways that he had done this is to sift through many hours of video footage of these false prophets and given out their names. Peters not only accuses them of being false, but uses their own videos and footage. Hank Kunneman, Patricia King, Perry Stone, Jeremiah Johnson, Kat Kerr, Kenneth Copeland, and others have claimed the mantle of prophet and have been shown to be false. Perhaps the worst of these false teachers and prophets is Sid Roth. Roth’s program “It’s Supernatural” has been a central location for charismatic and prophetic “ministries.” From such a prominent position, Roth should have exercised more discernment, but sadly, has not.

Justin Peters has done a great work for the benefit of the church in exposing these false teachers and prophets. For the health of the church and discernment for the future, I highly recommend this video presentation.

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