Gideon: A Biographical Study (Part 18)


Biographies can be a good thing, not for just enjoyment, but for learning. Reading biographical accounts of Biblical characters can increase one’s faith in the truthfulness of the Scriptures because the Bible presents a very human picture of the people that are in the accounts.

The Bible presents people honestly, as we would expect them to be if the accounts were true. The account of Gideon is no exception. Gideon was situated in a time where God was disciplining His people for their sin. God was patient and full of grace when Gideon doubted. But, God equipped him to accomplish the task of defeating the Midianites. Unfortunately, the victory went to Gideon’s head and he led the people of Israel into the same idolatry where they started. Gideon’s biography, as presented in Judges, is an honest look at a human being.

You might remind me at this point that we aren’t facing the Midianites and that God isn’t going to call me to lead an army. You might say that “I have the workaday world to contend with. That’s bad enough!”

You may be right.

Next Week: In one word…

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