A Prayer for a New President and for a People

By the time you read this, the United States will have a new president and the transition between the incoming and outgoing administration was peaceful. The new president has served for one and one half days. We, as followers of Jesus Christ, are commanded to be good citizens of the countries and lands in which we find ourselves (Romans 13). So, at this time, we can offer up to our Heavenly Father a simple prayer.

“Heavenly Father, the One who rules the universe, the election of 2020 and the result which made Joseph Biden the winner of that election were no surprise to You. We ask your blessings on President Biden and his administration. Both President Biden and Vice-President Harris have affirmed that they are Christian believers. We ask that You would move in their lives by Your Holy Spirit so that they would look to You and trust You for the difficult tasks they face.

As a people, help us to debate the issues in a civil fashion. There are things that divide us, but none of them are insurmountable. Help us, O God, to remember that our citizenship is in heaven and that we are members of Your Kingdom. Reign in our hearts, Father. That is the only way revival will come.

In Jesus name, amen.”

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