Discipleship Minute #28

Read Acts 2:1-12.

Last week, we looked at the result of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the lives of His people. We need to look at how this happened. The Feast of Pentecost took place fifty days after Passover. Pilgrims from all over the known world came to Jerusalem for the celebration. It was then that the Holy Spirit manifested Himself in tremendous power of the 120 believers who were assembled in that room. A mighty rushing wind, tongues of fire, and speaking in other tongues were the outward manifestation of His presence. However, the immediate results occurred when the people from all over the known world became aware of the event, they heard the gospel being proclaimed in their own languages. This gave the opportunity for Peter to proclaim as message which resulted in 3,000 people becoming believers that day.

I believe we often forget that the same Holy Spirit that was working on the day of Pentecost is in each believer today. Each believer receives the Holy Spirit the moment we repent and believe. God’s Spirit knows our weaknesses, intercedes before God for us in prayer, helps us interpret and understand the Bible, engages us in corporate worship, comforts us during crises, reveals Jesus purpose for us, reminds us of our identity in Christ, convicts us of our sins, gifts us for service, and supports us when we share the gospel. Many Christians go through the Christian life powerless. But, we have a power source in the Holy Spirit that will not fail. Each of the ways that the Spirit works in us lead us to ways that we can be more receptive to Him, such as regular prayer and daily Bible reading, serving others, and worshipping God. Are you doing those things on a consistent basis?

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