It Was a Cruel, Cruel World: Death and Life Before and After the Fall (Part 30)

Therefore, man, because of his sinful nature, causes the earth to be cursed. The fact that the ground responds badly to its misuse is a fulfillment of the penalty for human sin.


We have to note, however, that God, in His mercy, gave His people regulations for the proper use of farmland.

· Allow the land to rest in the seventh year (Lev. 25:1-12, 18-22).

· Provide for others with the produce of the land (Deut. 23:34-25; 24:19-22)

We can only speculate whether or not the Israelites actually obeyed God’s land regulations.

After, examining the biblical materials and the record of nature, we have to conclude that when Adam and Eve sinned, they brought about spiritual death on themselves and their descendants. Sin impacted man’s relationship with God and the natural environment. But, because of his mortality, each man’s sinful impact would be constrained.

Next Week: The Third Major Question

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