My Spring Reading List 2020

In addition to my Bible reading and study materials, this is what I am currently reading.

The Potter’s Promise: A Biblical Defense of Traditional Soteriology by Dr. Leighton Flowers

The Grand Design: Strategy and the U. S. Civil War by Dr. Donald Stoker

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist by Drs. Frank Turek and Norman Geisler

Logic: A Graphic Guide by Dan Cryan, Sharron Shatil, and Bill Mayblin

A Great Civil War: A Military and Political History 1861-1865 by Dr. Russell F. Weigley

The Creator Revealed: A Physicist Examines The Big Bang and The Bible by Dr. Michael G. Strauss

The Beleaguered City by Shelby Foote

The Soul by Dr. J. P. Moreland

Stars in Their Courses by Shelby Foote

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