Social Justice Project #6

What does the Bible say about justice?

Part 4: The Prophets: Isaiah

In the Hebrew Scriptures, prophets spoke for God, delivering His message to the two nations of Judah and Israel. They called the people to return to God and described the future penalty for failure to do so.

Sixty-two times in the seventeen prophetic books justice is mentioned. Let us briefly survey the prophet Isaiah, writing about seven centuries before Christ.

Isaiah does speak to his generation about their sinfulness and spiritual idolatry (Is. 1:21). The result is a people who are far from God, who care not for justice. Injustice is rampant in the land (Is. 5:7, 5:23, 10:2, 59:8-9). Isaiah prophecies justice will come in judgement (Is. 1:27).

Isaiah contains the prophecy that justice will come from a person who is to come. This person is called Mighty God and Prince of Peace (Is. 9:6). He will establish justice, righteousness, and judgement (Is. 9:7, 11:3). The coming Prince of Peace will bring righteousness (justice) to the nations (Is. 42:1). Even though the people strayed from God, the Prince of Peace will restore justice for all.

Each of these usages of justice is consistent with our definition.

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